4 Winning Strategies for Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is nothing but the virtual counterpart of the historic 카지노먹튀 game. The rules, the types of bets, even the sensations are the same: the only advantage you have is that you don’t also have to leave the house to play. And it is no small thing these days.

Internet blackjack is found in virtually any online casino: it is one of those games that cannot be missed. But be careful to choose a game room that fits your characteristics and above all has a good reputation.

Here’s How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning

Winning at blackjack is not easy, but it is certainly not impossible. Also, you need to know that this card game is one of the few that allows you to implement a series of effective strategies to win. Unlike other online casino games, it is your choices that can make a difference.

Understanding when to call a card and when not, to know when it is appropriate to double and when it is better than not, but also to establish an adequate budget to play in peace: we wish you to win, but it will happen to you to lose. When it happens, it should never be a problem for you.

1 – Learn The Rules And Test Them For Free

The first rule to win at online blackjack is to learn the laws of the game well. It is not difficult, and you will notice it, but there are so many small rules that it is good to know before starting to play for real money.

In any case, after studying, you can put into practice what you’ve learned without spending even a penny. Our advice is indeed to do some exercise thanks to free online blackjack, which you can find in any virtual gaming room.

2 – Don’t Buy Insurance

Many variations of online blackjack (to be honest, the majority) allow you to buy the so-called insurance, that is a policy on the possibility that the bank does 21 (i.e., blackjack): stay away, always!

Buying insurance, in fact, significantly lowers your overall profit: from a purely mathematical point of view, it is worthwhile only at the counter. Forget it: your goal must be to beat the dealer, don’t let him beat you, there’s a big difference!

3 – Learn With What Numbers To Stay Or Fish

The value of your hand in online blackjack is not absolute: it depends a lot on the dealer’s card. When the dealer’s upcard is a figure or an ace, it is right to risk more and maybe ask for a card even if you have 14 or 15 points. This is because if the dealer’s card is a figure, you will have lost anyway.

4 – Take Advantage Of Doubling And Splitting

Doubling and splitting are two essential rules of online blackjack, which can make you win a lot more money if you use it well. The reasoning is linked in part to the above: doubling when the dealer shows an ace or a figure is very risky, better to do it in all other cases.

For the split, the speech is a little more complicated. In general, never divide pairs of 10, 5 or 4, while always splitting pairs of aces or 8. For all other cases, it depends on the dealer’s hand: if it shows a card between 3 and 7, the split is not wrong; it is not even in the other cases, but know that your chances of victory decrease significantly.

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