Bookmaker Options As Per the Requirement in Sports betting


Bookmakers sometimes speculate. They also balance their odds as much as possible and move them around to create a negative balance. In general, they offer below-fair odds for most not all bets. In addition to experts calculating and inquiring about teams, leagues and players, they add the rate (VIG) to their odds.

Some good professional punters are still succeeding in conventional houses, finding odds above fair value and making long-term profits. To achieve this, they use professional tool services and are always attentive to what happens at the event they want to bet on, trying to be one step ahead of the house (which is difficult).

Going beyond

This part is a personal opinion

Finding a 메이저사이트 value bet is perhaps easier than you think. If you follow a few teams closely and are aware of everything that happens to them not just results you can often find value bets.

Think that a team is playing to take a coach down, or that a particular tactical scheme never works or doesn’t work against that team. The rain can get in the way, the pressure of the fans gives results, motivation, absences and other ways to calculate the EV. Sometimes, it is not so complicated to find a value bet. What is for you may not be for me and not for the home.

A Player Prop is a type of bet that bets on anything outside the traditional sports betting market, such as Outcome, Asian Handicap, Over and Under Goals, Both Score when we are talking about Player Props, bets will be placed on an individual’s performance in a match or competition, not on what will happen to a particular team or tournament.

In Football Player Props bets offer you bets on passes, tackles, goal kicks, cards. The player can also customize their own bets, and this includes accumulating in the same game and even confronting players.

Player Prop Example

  • Here we have an example of a direct match bet made at Betmotion. In it, I’m saying Liverpool player Salah will have more kicks to the goal than Tottenham’s Harry Kane.
  • The quotation is calculated automatically. For Betmotion a bet like this pays 2.13 odds. So if Salah kicks Crystal Palace’s goal more often than Harry Kane’s Fulham goal, the bet is clear.
  • In a Player Prop bet you can match how many goal kicks the two players will have together. You simply decide a minimum amount of kicks and the house offers you a quote.

It is possible in this bet to combine it with up to three players, from the same game or different.


These bets can also be placed live which makes the situation even more favorable for those who are following.

But player props are available for any competition, so for the time being in football these bets can only be made for the Premier League, Spanish Championship, German and Champions League. In other sports you can bet on NBA, NFL and MLB games. The idea is to create more player props for other major competitions and also for Brazilian football.


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