Essential Chain of Thoughts Relevant to Roulette Online Games Now

There are generally three types of roulette, European, American and French. In all of them players can place bets on a set of numbers, colors (red or black), even or odd, high (19-36) or low (1-18). Then, depending on where the ball ends, you determine who won the bet. For the use of the 먹튀정보 site you can prepare yourself properly now.

European Roulette Online

European roulette is the simplest, with a single type of zero and spin, helping to reduce the casino’s advantage to 2.7%, from 5.26% for American roulette. In this roulette variant, the odds of winning are always greater. The numbers are placed at random. With 36 numbers (between 1 and 36), it still has a zero, thus making a total of 37.

  • American roulette has 38 numbers, due to a double zero (00), so the ball is more likely to stop at that number. The numbers are arranged in pairs.

French roulette has the same concept of numbers as the two listed above, with a single zero, like European, but with rules that can easily dictate the fate of the game. This is the case with the La Partage and En Prison rules, whereby a given player has the ability to recover half of his bet when it has already been lost, but only on equal money bets.

How to place bets on roulette

Real money roulette wheels have their own chips and players are given different colored chips so the dealer knows who to pay. Each table will also have a minimum bet amount visible to all players.

  • Basically, there are two types of betting on roulette: inside bets and outside bets. In either case, the minimum table bet is the same, with only a slight difference. Inside bets allow you to distribute the minimum bet amount over a certain range of numbers. On the other hand, this is not possible in away bets. Let’s say the minimum table bet is 5 €. In an in-house bet, multiple chips may be placed in a given set of table numbers that add up to this minimum amount. In an off bet, each bet must be exactly € 5.

Slots – or online slot machines are a very democratic game. Everyone can have real chances to win, from beginners to experienced casino players. Despite having fairly simple general rules, some tips and strategies can help separate winners from losers.

It is true that luck plays a key role in slots, but it is possible to maximize the chances of winning. First, you need to understand how online slot machines work. Whether in physical casinos or on a gaming site, each round of Slot is totally random.


The prize or return is based on the probability of aligning the winning combinations of symbols. Each game has its particularities as to the values ​​of the icons and how the payment is made, and may or may not have a jackpot accumulated. All this you can see in the slot descriptions and slot rules.


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