Great Choices for the Monopoly Options and Choices

Are you tired of being the worst Monopoly player in your family? With this tip, to you the total respects. You do not even have to cheat, you just have to trick it.

Buy smart

You’ll understand, to become the queen of Monopoly Bring The House Down slot game, no voodoo incantations in perspective but some trick fox to win every time. It has been established by Business Insider magazine that some boxes are visited more often than others: stations, water and electricity companies, for example, are often visited following the draw of Chance or Cashier cards.


It is therefore strongly recommended to invest your small multicolored bills. Statistically, it is proved that one more often falls on the box “prison” than on the box “departure”. So you have every interest in investing around the prison world.

To you red and orange

In the presentation, the small geniuses of Business Insider also tell us that some properties are much more profitable than others. Instead of beating tooth and nail to get the dark blue, instead bet on midrange and more profitable boxes,the orange and the red arrive in pole position acquisitions that fill the fastest your pockets. And yes, it is proven, it is on these boxes that we fall most often.

Build by three

Always in a concern of profitability, it has been proved that it is much more profitable to build his houses by three. Because in addition to plucking each player who will pass on your plates, you will also have enough to build more barracks. If with that you do not win your next game of Monopoly, we want to eat our hat.

  • Bring your own game of as soon as piped
  • It’s simple, on your dice, there’s that facet 6. Like that, no fuss.
  • Say your rules are not the same as your opponent

A classic cheat for any Monopoly casino slot game player. It works in particular on the box of the Free Park. Basically every time you have to pay taxes or whatever, we say you put the money in the middle of the board. Then when a player falls on the box Free Park, he picks up all the money. In itself, it’s not cheating, it’s just that people who do not know this rule are big jesters.

Agree to sell one of your properties to an opponent who has lost 3 times his original price

Well yes, but he has sought to provoke you too. Moreover, every insult pronounced towards you creates an increase of 22% on the price of the property (that can go up very quickly).

Buy as many homes as possible to create a shortage of houses and fuck everyone in shit

Technically you have the right to buy houses. After you can also steal them by serving you discreetly in the “home” and add a tranquillo here and there. All this is to have a stealthy hand for no one is able to apprehend your abject gesture.

Hydrate your opponent so that he is absent to urinate every 5 minutes

Tea if the party takes place in the afternoon, beer if it’s evening, and a soda if you play with a child. All this is to choose preferably very diuretic drinks to work the bladder of your opponent and become the master of the game, but especially the master of the world.

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