Understanding the  Best Limits in Website Formation

The H1 heading is one of the most important elements of the page, indicating its relevance to user requests. This heading must necessarily contain in its body the keyword / phrase promoted on the page, it is desirable that the key is at the beginning of the heading, this directly affects relevance. It is also recommended that the heading body contains not only the key, but also dilution words. Diluting words should not split the key into several parts, it is better if they come after the key. With 토토 사설토 you can have the best support.

Industrial equipment with delivery and abroad

As you can see, the main key goes first, then additional words are placed, which can also bring traffic, provided that the user of the PS sets an LF query in the search. Note: the H1 header can duplicate the content of <title>, this does not violate the requirements of search engines and does not lead to pessimization of the site.

Subheadings (H2-H3)

H2-H3 headings are lighter than H1, but they also affect the level of relevance of the page. Therefore, when filling the page with content, it is important to consider these elements. However, a slightly different technique should be followed than with top-level headings (H1).

The exact occurrences of the keys should not be placed in the H2-H3 headers, or done carefully so that the keys look completely organic and natural. If the density of keys on the page is sufficient, it is better to add keys with a diluted occurrence, or their word forms. 

Industrial forging equipment

As you can see, in each heading there is the word “equipment”, which is part of the main key, there is also a diluted key (in H3).

Relevance <title>

The most important factor determining the relevance of the page to the search query of users of the PS is the < title > meta tag (page title). In addition, information from the title (the first 65-70 characters, depending on the PS) is displayed by search engines as the title of the snippet in the output. Therefore, it is important, influencing the clickability of the snippet, to observe the relevance of < title > to the content of the page. To do this, the main promoted key request should be in the meta header. Also, in < title > it is desirable to add additional page keys.

A prerequisite for the formation of the title is readability, that is, the keys must be entered organically and motivate the user of the PS to go to the site. At the same time, the keys should not be listed with a comma, but rather be a heading.

Image Attributes (alt, title)

One of the factors that increase the relevance of a page is the presence of alt and title attributes in images. The first attribute is useful for users who cannot view images (for example, when viewing images is disabled or the Internet connection is poor), the second attribute is the name of the image and is displayed when you hover over it. It’s recommended to specify the primary or secondary keys of the page in the attributes, so you can increase the relevance of the page to a specific request.


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